Elsa 2018 – Day 3 (Day 1)

Horseman’s Log

Expanding on the old, and opening my eyes to the new…

I woke up early on Monday. I was ready.

I figured that the morning theory session would be a mirror of the discussion from the Saturday (the first day of clinic 1), and I was excited to reconsolidate my learning, but I wasn’t expecting to learn so much more…

Spot the difference anyone…?!

Supportive and insistent leadership.

2 new words that bring a whole new depth to the way I think about my interactions with horses (and Lawrence in particular).

Over the last year I have been working with the Passive – Assertive – Dominant scale in mind, and until this last week I had thought of this scale as being a series of fixed points, a bar graph or pie chart if you will. When you are being passive, you are passive, then there is a point at…

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